A Visit of Monkey forest

A visit to The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary - the kingdom of monkeys. If you look forward to meeting cute little monkeys on your trip to Bali,

which you may know from the internet and postcards sent by your friends from their Balinese holiday, you definitely shouldn´t miss the famous temple of The Sacred Monkey Forest Sactuary, which is located in the heart of Ubud in the very heart of Bali.

The Monkey Forest is a large fenced area located in the centre of the city. The complex consists of several shrines and temples and is covered by a dense forest vegetation. A population of more than 600 monkeys is permanently living here, especially the macaque species called Macaca fascicularis. It’s a common species in Bali that lives up to 15-20 years. Adult males can weigh up to 8 kg. A part of the sanctuary can be seen in the famous movie “Eat, Pray, Love” with Julia Roberts which was partly shot on Bali and turned this island into a popular destination.

There is an entry fee of 40,000 rupees for adults and 30,000 rupees for children. The admission is for the entire day. If you are staying in Ubud, it’s best to visit The Monkey Forest early in the morning, before the buses full of tourists arrive. When visiting the park you must respect the no-entry signs into some of the areas that are restricted for spiritual ceremonies.

7 rules of meeting a monkey

  1. Never consume food and drinks directly in front of the monkeys, they will immediately pounce on you and get the food at all costs, even with use of violence.
  2. Hide your sunglasses and close your bags and backpacks´ pockets where you keep your documents, cell phone or wallet. Also hide any bulky jewellery and earrings, you can easily lose them.
  3. If the monkey jumps or climbs on top of you, do not shout or make any suddenmovements. The monkey can bite you if it feels in danger!
  4. If you are bitten by a monkey and you haven´t got a vaccination against rabies, seek a medical help for a re-vaccination.
  5. If a big monkey male stands in your way, calmly walk around him without provoking him and getting any closer to him more than necessary.
  6. If a monkey steals some of your valuables after all, go and find one of the workers dressed in a green uniform. They are virtually at every corner or by the cages with sweet potatoes. He’ll help you to get your stuff back.
  7. If you want to take a picture with a monkey, find an area with the green uniformed staff who’ll let you know which monkeys are friendly and they’ll help you control the whole situation. If you buy some bananas to feed the monkeys, it’s a good idea to offer them under a supervision of the staff as the monkeys would jump on you immediately and start snatching the bananas from your hand.


There’s no need to be afraid of the monkeys. They are friendly but can be really cheeky sometimes. You should be always vigilant and keep an eye on your stuff. If the monkeys want to play with you, act calmly and quietly, and enjoy this unique experience.


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