Great accommodation in Ubud for amazingly low price!

Yes, you have heard right! The homestay with three double rooms on the street Jl. Raya Andong is truly amazing. This year I stayed there all week instead of three days. 

The family which rents the rooms is very nice and very helpful. Excellent breakfast every morning is included in the room price.


There are two rooms on the top where you can also find a terrace where you can relax and have a cup of coffee or tea. Each room is equipped with a barrel of water so you are both: environmnetly friendly to Bali island and also do not have to buy countless PET bottles with water. You can just easily refill it in the room. And to be honest: that makes us very pleasantly surprised and we appreciated it.


There is plenty of space for your luggage in the rooms and for example a practical desk where you can easily write down your travel experiences, or to do some work on your computer.


Of course, there is a Wi-Fi connection in all rooms. You can also park your scooters (if you have any) in the parking lot in the garden. You don´t have to look for any shop because it is possible to buy a bottle of chilled Bintang from the landlords or to cook in the outdoor kitchen. And how much does this amazing, luxury place cost ?! Just $15/room/night. Room without air conditioning costs $14.


Tips for other accommodation in Ubud:

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2. Umaya Ubud Villa $$

3. Goya Boutique Resort $$$



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